During the last Olympics in Rio 2016, Hayley Winter, founder of the Institute of Yoga Sports Science® hosted a series of specialist web classes discussing the benefits of applying yoga to athletes.

This unique Olympic web class series covers a wider variety of popular sports, with discussions on how yoga helps reduce the risk of injury and improve athletic performance.


Yoga for Athletes Sequence

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What athletes are saying about the Institute of Yoga Sports Science®

"I feel more confident in my body and have better awareness of myself which has really helped my movements in running."

Ultra Marathon Runner

"YSS techniques have helped me relax, especially when I've been frustrated about my injury. I have used visualization before to plan what I would do during a match but never for pain relief and to rehabilitate an injury. I found the visualization for my injury very helpful in relieving pain and discomfort. It's definitely something I would use again in the future."

Injured Athlete

"I can feel so many benefits. I listen to my body more now. On my bike I have much better control of my movement at the start of a race and my breathing has improved. I'm generally calmer. No more performance nerves!"

BMX Rider

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