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This Course gives you a double certification and the professional advantage. Book a Discovery Call to learn more. Next Course starts November 2022

Limited spaces. We only take a maximum of 25 students and run this Course once a year.

 Prerequisite for this Course:

👉🏼 Either:  you have been practicing yoga for over a year...
👉🏼Or:  you are a yoga teacher looking to specialize...
This Course give you a double certification and the professional advantage so you can confidently deliver the benefits of yoga in any setting from the everyday athlete to the elite. 

Yoga for Athletes Online Certification Course

Our next Course begins November 2022. We accepts a maximum of 25 students and only run this certification once a year. Places are limited. Book a Discovery Call to learn more.

The Course

This Course teaches you how to deliver evidenced-based yoga techniques to support the general public, the athletic population and train the athletes of the future.

We teach you how to integrate biomechanical-based yoga techniques into modern-day approaches to sports science, assessing athletes’ sport-specific needs and introducing yoga as an intervention to support the key requirements of most sports: endurance, control of dynamic and static movement and the ability to perform under pressure with excellent technique. 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn (enhance your skillset) how to teach yoga to the general public, weekend warriors and to athletes.
  • Deepen your understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, efficiency of movement and neuroscience through the application of sports-specific yoga.
  • Understand the biomechanics and physiology of breathing and how it can be applied to improve athletic performance and recovery.
  • Learn to design sports-specific yoga sequences for multiple teaching options from delivering bite-sized yoga sessions through to 60 minute, 90 minute, to planning a six-week progression.
  • Research Injuries in a chosen sport and discover how sports-specific yoga can be successfully applied for prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Learn how to teach both online and in-person, giving you an additional and essential skills set relevant to the times. Our latest 20-hour Course on ‘How to Teach Yoga Online’ will be included in this training.
  • Upon successful completion of this course will be a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Certified Yoga Sports Coach™. 
  • Learn how to be your own boss and build your career opportunities.
  • You join our global network of experts.

How We Deliver the Course to You

We deliver our Course online. We have been leading the digital education revolution since 2009 delivering world-class training online in our Yoga Sports Coaching™ method. 

Online learning became a necessity this year. People have learned how to take courses and classes in practically any subject without leaving their front room. The COVID pandemic has changed the way we learn and teach forever. We are well equipped to help you navigate your way through these changing times.

Here are a few examples of how we support you...

Course Material:

We utilize teaching videos that are filmed with additional lecture points overlaid showing graphics with lines of force for alignment to enhance the student’s learning experience. 

Extensive handouts are provided as well as every resource possible to excite and support the student’s learning. This is all combined with the community created in the online workshop experience.

Student Checklist

At the beginning of each Module, a Student Checklist to help you manage your time is posted in the classroom with an overview of each week. The checklist will show the following:

  • Your weekly focus & activity
  • Group workshop sessions
  • Weeks assigned for tutorials
  • Assignment due dates
  • Break weeks

Weekly Course Units:

Access is given to you each week, one Unit at a time enabling you to focus on the training within that section of your studies.

You will gain access to Units on a Saturday. Units run over one week or two weeks in length depending on content. 

You will be able to refer back to previous materials, but you will not be able to jump ahead. Your Module checklist gives you an idea of what is covered in each Unit.

Your Own Tutor:

You will be assigned a YSS Tutor to support you throughout your studies. All our Tutors have trained with us and our experts in their respective fields. You will have 4 one-on-one sessions with your assigned tutor throughout the course.  Tutorials are held on Zoom or Skype. Tutors will also be available to you via email and in the FaceBook Student Group.


Group Workshops:

Scheduled online group sessions will be held throughout the Course. The workshops will be lead by YSS founder, Hayley Winter. These interactive and dynamic sessions are designed to focus on the topics you are studying in the curriculum.  

Student Community:

Throughout your studies we use a Community forum inside the classroom as well as a private FaceBook Group. Each week you are required to share your experiences, post questions and get to know your peers from around the globe. 

Technical Support:

You don’t need to be a technical whiz to train with us online. We provide excellent technical support to help you get settled into your studies and make sure that you are comfortable with your device of choice.

Course Hours

Course Fees / Start Date

$4,500 USD


November 2022 (date TBD)

(2 week break in December)

Payment plan options available - 

Spaces are limited

I'm interested! I'd like to talk with a YSS team member
Biomechanics underpins all yoga techniques taught on this Course. In the video below, Hayley Winter, founder of the Institute of Yoga Sports Science® explains why biomechanics is an essential component for any yoga teacher. 

Course Syllabus

  • How the Course is delivered to you
  • Course Requirements and Code of Conduct
  • Technical Checklist
  • Organizing Your Study Time

Module 1

  • 9 Units
  • Quiz at the end of each Unit
  • Assignment due at the end of Unit 8
  • 2 Student-Tutor Tutorials
  • Group Teaching Sessions with YSS Team
  • We begin this course with a brief history of yoga and  the perception of yoga within an athletic training environment
  • Videos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Introduction to the YSS Methodology and taking a look at the foundation of how to build your micro-sequence in the 'Science of Sequencing Part 1'.  
  • PDFs / Quiz
  • Discover the basics of performance analysis and deepening your understanding of sports-specific sequence design and periodized training in the Science of Sequencing Part 2.  
  • PDFs / Quiz
  • Discovering the role of gravity and its effect on our structural fitness through deepening our understanding of  biomechanics, planes of movement and sports-specific movement patterns.
  • Videos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Explore the anatomical basics of the skeletal and musculoskeletal systems.
  • Videos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Explore the principles behind the biomechanics and physiology of breathing. We look at contraindications and precautions related to teaching breathing techniques as we introduce you to some YSS Performance Breathing techniques.
  • Videos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Explore the prevention and management of injuries in a group setting and the role of sports-specific yoga.
  • Videos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Explore the nature, mind, and motivation of the modern day athlete. We introduce the basic principles of working with the mind and how to relax the athlete.
  • Videos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Use this week to finalize assignment.
  • We assist you in preparation with practical guidelines for your Teaching Practice coming up in Module 2. 

Module 2

  • 10 Units
  • Quiz at the end of each Unit
  • Assignment due at the end of Unit 9
  • 2 Student-Tutor Tutorial Sessions
  • Group Learning Sessions with YSS Team
  • Introduction to the key considerations when macro-planning and delivering your Teaching Practice.
  • VIdeos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Introduction to the YSS approach to Micro-Level planning for the individual sessions through the YSS Lesson Plan Physiology and Methodology.
  • Videos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Advance your knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics and how to use specific yoga techniques from a functional perspective.
  • Videos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Focus on the knee/thigh relationship within the kinetic chain. 
  • Video / PDFs / Quiz
  • Focus on the pelvic relationship within the kinetic chain. 
  • Video / PDFs / Quiz
  • Focus on the Torso including Core techniques. 
  • Videos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Focus on the upper body including the shoulders/neck/arms and wrists.
  • Videos / PDFs / Quiz
  • Use this week to finalize assignment.
  • Look ahead to your future path as a certified Yoga Sports Coach™. The information we have for you in this Unit is designed to help support you as you make your transition from student to Graduate!  

Is this Course for me?

Your background might be as a yoga practitioner who wants to be a yoga teacher, or a yoga teacher who is looking to specialize. You could be someone who has a background in the healthcare profession such as a physiotherapist, osteopath, sports massage therapist, coach, athlete or fitness trainer.

If you are in any doubt about whether you have the necessary background or need further information on the commitment required, please get in touch.

Tell us more about you and book a call

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Students are raving about this course:
"Fabulous Course!  I loved diving deep into the anatomy and biomechanics to better understanding the role of sports- specific yoga. It's helped improve my teaching and establish my niche!" - Claire (UK)

You never know when you might need one of our sport-specific yoga techniques! 

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