Learn how to teach yoga to everyday athletes 



Our 40-hour online course covers the art and science of teaching yoga to athletes.
It provides a foundation in understanding yoga and the science of movement, covering anatomy, and biomechanics.
Our goal is to help you learn how to tailor yoga to fit the functional requirements of athletes, whether they are everyday enthusiasts or elite performers.
 We give you the tools, including our evidence-based sequences, to help you dive right in and get started immediately.




  • Discover the science behind teaching yoga¬†to human athletes and the athletic population.¬†
  • Identify¬†your own performance needs (or that of a hypothetical athlete) as it relates to your yoga practice, athletic training, or health and well-being.
  • Explore¬†how the YSS approach to the Science of Sequencing¬†helps you design with confidence, competence, and creativity.
  • Discover how the Science of Breathing¬†enhances¬†the experience within¬†your practice.
  • Deepen your understanding of the role¬†body reading plays in creating a Primary Performance Objective and the application of this knowledge.
  • Develop a practical understanding of biomechanics, and neuroscience through the application of sports-specific yoga.
  • Explore the benefits of yoga in helping¬†with injury prevention.
  • Explore how to deconstruct poses and bring them to life¬†through¬†understanding the science, the application, and the benefit of sports-specific yoga.


  • Aims, objectives + learning outcomes
  • Introduction to the Course assignment
  • Course roadmap
  • Your worksheet
  • Access to our Yoga techniques to immediately get you started
  • The science of Yoga and sport
  • Defining Yoga in Sport
  • The art & science of teaching yoga to athletes
  • Exploring your own athletic needs
  • Your functional profile
  • Access to our Performance Circle
  • Access to our Functional Yoga Session for Athletes 
  • Recap Quiz
  • Introduction to the Science of Sequencing
  • Designing your own YSS Micro Sequence
  • Introduction to the YSS principles of yoga warm-ups & cool-downs
  • Contraindications & modifications
  • Recap Quiz
  • The science of breathing
  • The biomechanics of breathing
  • The physiology of breathing
  • Access to our breathing techniques
  • Recap Quiz
  • Introduction to Biomechanics 101
  • Functional screening and body reading skills
  • Body reading & performance analysis
  • Anatomical planes of movement
  • Gravity & the neutral spine
  • Finding your neutral standing position
  • Finding your neutral seated position
  • Access to our Sports-Specific Yoga Session for Runners
  • Recap Quiz
  • Brief introduction to the skeletal system
  • Brief introduction to the musculoskeletal system
  • Composition of bone
  • Joint stability & mobility
  • Yoga & injury prevention
  • Common injuries in sport
  • Points on pain
  • Recap Quiz
  • Analysis of yoga postures
  • Analysis of yoga postures for different sports
  • Examples of different types YSS Micro Sequences for sport
  • Recap Quiz
  • Yoga & the future of athletic training
  • Yoga as the new marginal gain for high performance
  • Examples of different types YSS Micro Sequences for sport
  • Final Course assignment submitted via a quiz assessment & Micro-Sequence stick figure template.

Submit your assignment via the online quiz to receive your Continuing Education Credits with the Yoga Alliance (40 non-contact), and NASM (1.7). You will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Institute of Yoga Sports Science¬ģ.

  • Receive professional feedback from the Team at The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®!
  • Design a sports-specific Micro-Sequence for your own athletic / personal / professional needs and submit a 10-min demo video to receive professional feedback to help advance your  teaching.
  • We will give you feedback based on the following criteria:

    • Your sequence design (based on the Course assignment)
    • Your cueing and communication skills
    • Your ability to demonstrate the benefits of the yoga sequence
    • Your ability to demonstrate modifications and the use of props


For over a decade we have been teaching our yoga Courses online and were the early pioneers in bring yoga education to the virtual classroom - combined with LIVE, interactive student / teacher support and connection.

This Course brings the LIVE Immersion Course to the comfort of your own home. 

You will experience the ONLINE classroom that¬†The Institute of Yoga Sports Science¬ģ¬†has used to train¬†hundreds of¬†Yoga Sports Coaches‚ĄĘ¬†around the¬†world combined with, for the first time ever,¬†LIVE¬†footage from our most recently held LONDON Course at St Mary's University, giving you the most updated information and training in an online setting.

The Course is released weekly for 7 weeks giving you an opportunity to experience the material as well as practice a wide variety of sequence you can select from the resource of our evidence-based YSS Yoga Techniques library.

This Course does NOT qualify you to teach yoga. It is designed to enhance your existing skills.

Your Investment: 


3 payment plan option available

You will have access to this Course for one year from start date.  Sign up TODAY!



"‚ÄėI loved this course! It was scientifically informative yet understandable, and the best continuing education program I've invested in during my yoga career!"

Karen Cutrona Turner
Yoga Teacher

"This is the only course I could find that ties in the physiology of sport & yoga."

Personal Trainer

"Fabulous Course! I loved diving deep into the anatomy and understanding the role of sports- specific yoga"

Yoga Instructor / Athlete

"The most comprehensive & instantly applicable course, unavailable anywhere else, delivered by the most highly qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, kindest & supportive instructors."

Yoga Teacher

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Our courses bridge the gap between yoga, anatomy, biomechanics, and athletic performance. Online for over a decade.



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